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Mar 27/28
Oceanside, CA – Human Factors: Threat & Error Management
Ap 1-3
Georgetown PD, TX – Force Encounters Analysis
May 1-3
Spokane SO, WA – Force Encounters Analysis
May 6 & 7
Burbank PD – Human Factors

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CTI's Advanced Human Factors course is hands down the most beneficial class I have sent many of my guys through. You will walk away from this class approaching humans and aviation differently. LTC Geis' material puts the explanation in the "why" with a lot of the issues we have. I am the safety officer and use this information extensively in my investigations. CTI coursework provides a deeper, more understandable explanation to human error. We have now trained safety personnel, stands personnel, maintenance personnel, and pilots. My organization recently required all senior leaders to attend the course in order to further refine and educate our leaders. Once you are armed with this knowledge, you can approach mission planning or daily work routines at a different angle. I have sat through this class about 6 times and learn something new every time.

Matthew P. MurphyCW4, AV Battalion Safety Officer 2nd Battalion, 160th SOAR(Abn)

Law Enforcement Training

We specialize in training to better prepare to address the greatest threats in law enforcement. Let us prepare your investigative team to analyze Officer Involved Shootings and Use of Force Incidents.

Force Encounters Online Training

Force Encounters Analysis is the most important law enforcement training available today. The findings delivered in our course material have been directly credited with saving officer lives on the street, and preventing officers from being unjustly convicted of criminal excessive use of force. Human Performance training can help to decrease agency liability through pre-incident risk management and post incident forensic facts.

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Fire and Park Services Training

We develop custom training programs to meet the specific needs of the client.

Great class!  Should be included in all police academies.

Sgt. Nydia CastroSan Diego PD